Remembering days gone by. Photograph 1969 – Queen’s visit to the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) where I started my first employment as a typist.


After a break from WordPress with more pressing family matters I have turned to a bit of nostalgia again!  I have been watching TOTP Disco days and really enjoyed it.  I have had a sift through my poems, and found the following verses.  Thankfully we are much more aware of the damage we are doing to the planet (let alone to ourselves!) but it will take years and years to aid our recovery and no doubt more problems along the way in our ever-changing view of what is good for us and what is not!  All very confusing!  The following was written in 2005:


It all took time – so many years ago

Fields to plough and seeds to sow

It all took time – in days gone by

Washing to do – clothes to dry

It all took time – in bygone years

No lights just candles to allay our fears

It all took time – in days of yore

To wash the paintwork and sweep the floor

It all took time – ‘twas in the past

And oh how things were built to last!

Its all too fast – the winds of change

Massive combines to sort the grain

It’s all too fast – there’s no time now

The machine spins round – hang washing out – How?

It’s all too fast – tempest fugit

Loads of light and for a while we sit

It’s all too fast – this is the present time

All plastic now and the ‘Dyson’s divine’

It’s all too fast – what’s that you say……

“It doesn’t work? Throw it away!”

It’s the digital age and we all have PCs

Mobile phones and MP3s!

Machines now do assist us and quicken up the pace

Traffic lights and roundabouts as to work we race

Dash home for a quick ‘Micro meal’

No time to wait and no spuds to peel!

No pies to make, no pots to wash

But I ask myself – “At what cost?”

It all took time – all those years ago

But what is wrong with going slow?

No time to lose – “come on – quick smart”

But in this life I have lost heart

The nation is suffering – there is a great debate

Most of us are unfit and lots are overweight!

No – not quite all there is another view

The Supermodels oh so slim – so others do pursue

“Don’t eat this and don’t eat that”

Alcohol abolished! No sugar, salt or fat!

Why is it going so terribly wrong?

We no longer hear the songbird’s song

Where are all the butterflies, the birds and the bees?

And people shouldn’t have to fight to save the trees!

And for our children – what will there be?

Will the land still be here or will it be all sea?

A world just full of water – not a person in sight

Will all this abuse cause this to be our plight?

Trish April 2005