‘Dump the Pump’ back in the year 2000!


Apparently, in America there is now a National ‘Dump the Pump’ day – my recall is with my verses is from 2000.  How quiet it was!  So peaceful – we just don’t realise just how much noise we are living with but on ‘Dump the Pump’ day in 2000 I do remember that living in the City of Norwich, just how much calmer and peaceful it was.


Dump the Pump is in full swing
Controversy can now begin!
Is it right to cause mayhem
Is it right that we should PAY THEM!?

The cost is ever soaring
Increasing by the hour
How can we continue
With Tony Blair in power

Workers are in such a rage
They only want a decent wage!
But wages barely help us cope
With increasing prices there is no hope

Panic buying of milk and bread
Just so our families can be fed”

The Brits have had enough
They’ve taken it on the chin
But just like Tony Blair
They are not giving in!

The country at a stand still
Such peace we’ve never known
And now most of the business
Is by email or the phone

People cycling and walking
It’s such a sight to see
And as I don’t like driving
It’s luxury for me

But like it or not
We need the car
Or has everything
Just gone too far?

Perhaps we need to slow it down
Things have moved too fast
And we don’t really know
If this protest is the last

Is it the start of something bigger
Or a big flash in the pan
Whatever is the outcome
We’ve been dealt a losing hand

The workers always suffer
While the rich enjoy their life
We are on this earth
To deal with all the strife

The backbone of the country
So take heed please Tony Blair
Or you’ll be out of office
And who will really care!?

Trish – August 2000

VERSE 3 – Who Remembers Nasty Nick?




 Is there a bit of Nick In all of us?
Do we all want to ‘Win’
But woe betide if you’re found out
It is a deadly sin!

 Life is such a gamble
A game to test your wits
Life’s a great big game show
That blows your brain to bits!

You’ve got to be ‘quick thinking’
To mingle with the best
Because each move you make
Becomes a mighty test

 Each word you say
Will be recorded
And kept for later use
So be careful what you say

Because it’s open to abuse
Each sentence can be twisted
Turned and misconstrued
Then when the time is right

Be sure it will be used!
“Live by the sword – Die by the sword”
Nick’s parting shot
But I cannot help but envy

The nerve that Nick has got!

 Nick had a plan – a strategy
But he made a fool of you and of me
 This is the lesson
The rules you can bend
But don’t make fools out of your friends!


I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years!  No matter what I do.  I was very active – always at keep fit; tried the gym; swimming; dancing but I never could budge the bulge!  Now, with Type 2 Diabetes I am trying to eat more healthily and more regularly (not been so good at regular meals which may have been my downfall!).

The following verses were written in 1994:


Big is beautiful Vanessa says

What happened to my slimmer days?

The days when I was fit and fun

Now I dread to see the sun!

Give me dreary winter days

I am fat no matter what Vanessa says

In winter I can cover all

The summer isn’t such a ball!

Slim and slinky I am not

So, I avoid all hot spots!

No – give me cooler winter days

I’d rather be slim – no matter what Vanessa says!

I now also have mobility problems.  I have enjoyed going swimming which eased all the pain but pulled a muscle in my neck which affected my back as well.  I was due to have an operation as I have spinal stenosis and a herniated disc but this has been postponed.  I am now going to try hydrotherapy which I am looking forward to. Onward….onward…


Where to start?
I don’t have a clue
But I hope some of these verses
Reach out to you!

I don’t really know where to start with my ‘dozens’ of verses.  So, I have decided to start with the first one that was published in Poetry Now.  I saw an advertisement in the Evening News for ‘Women’s’ Words’ and I was so excited when it was accepted for publication in a book.  There was no payment but I was so happy that it had been accepted.  This was written when my second marriage was ‘falling apart’…

S C R E A M I N G!!!!!

I want to scream

I want to shout

But try as I may

Nothing comes out

How do others cope?

How do they take the strain?

I want to break free

But in a prison I remain

Trapped by guilt

Trapped by fear

Of all the reasons

I am not clear

The Sea of Tranquillity

Where does it lie?

I fear somehow

It passed me by

"It's on the Moon!"

Oh yes, I know

One day I'll get there -

So far to go

The Moon the Stars

The sky the Sun

What happened to

The days of fun!?

It took many years to finally break free but this time it was a more amicable split and not the traumatic, acrimonious break-up like my first marriage in 1983.  I had no control over the situation at that time and spent many months in Fulbourn Hospital where I did become ‘institutionalised’ …how my boys must have suffered.  It was quite an ordeal when I did finally leave the hospital and that is when the alcohol came into play.  I was referred to Spelthorne St Mary and stayed there for 8 months with fifteen other women. There is more about this in my book ‘The Adverse Effects of Alcohol’… 

However, when my second marriage ended I got on with my life with one of my sons and our little dog – Lukie (who will be mentioned in one of my verses later).  I had a good job but became ill with diabetes and sleep apnoea (not knowing this at the time and was diagnosed much later).  Unfortunately, I had to leave this employment before I had these diagnoses!








I hope that some will recognise
The feelings that I have inside
But also, I hope these rhymes
Help you cope with troubled times

Poetry came into my life only briefly at school but later in life, during times of stress it helped me immensely.  It has certainly got me through many a crisis and helped get things into perspective.

I was very ill in 1983 and had a breakdown and was hospitalised for 14 months in Fulbourn Hospital Cambridge.  Writing helped then – though not in poetry form.  I found it difficult to express how I was feeling verbally and wrote it down – page after page!

On  my return to the ‘real world’ I tried to make a new life for myself, alone and without my three sons and husband, as I was now divorced and care and control had gone to the boys’ father!  I felt I had failed!

With a great deal of support from hospital staff  I was sent to a rehabilitation unit in Harpenden, Spelthorne St Mary, where Anglican Nuns cared for women with alcohol problems.  Once again, I found it difficult to express myself verbally in groups and began keeping a diary.  Then, one day, I noticed that the words rhymed and the writing really took off.  I have written a book (as yet unpublished) of my time at Spelthorne St Mary which, unfortunately, has now closed so I consider myself very lucky and privileged to have been there – it almost certainly saved my life.

In 1991, however, after my second marriage (divorced in 2001) two of my sons did come back to live with me.  It was a very traumatic time for them and I won’t go into details here; but eventually they did settle and have done very well for themselves.  My eldest son, did not come back to live with me as he was in a relationship.  They are now aged 48, 46 and 41.  My youngest being a ‘rainbow child’ after having a still-born baby.

In 1995 poetry got me through the sudden death of my mother, followed by the death of my brother.  Some of these poems will be included in my blogs.

I now write on different themes thanks to Poetry Now!  Some are funny, some are sad and some I hope you can relate to – writing certainly has helped me to get through my life!