Cambridge – where it all began.


 Cambridge is where I was born – a small village called Girton.  The picture featured is of the River Cam.  We are now far more aware of the damage being done to our planet.  From saving trees to recycling and all the conservation efforts now and being aware of our carbon footprint.  The following verses were written in 2000-2001 (seem to have been a prolific period for my writing).

Beauty Lost Forever?

There was a time so long ago
When trees were lush and green
Flowers bloomed so beautifully
and butterflies were seen

And if you saw – then you would know
We’ve let some of that beauty go
Our world is not so very clean
Too much concrete on the scene?

Can we get it back?
Can new seeds we sow?
Together we can do it
We really have to try

We cannot on the truth sit
Or life and love will die…

We must stand together
To bring us back the beauty
Of those days gone by!

Trish – September 2001


Treasure the Moment 

The taste of fresh rain falling
The smell of morning dew
The sight of a bright landscape
Let’s enjoy the view

The trees out in the distance
Filled with an autumn glow
All too soon they will be covered
With the first few flakes of snow

The sun glints through the branches
And a bird is flying by
Soaring beautifully, gracefully
In the morning sky

The grass is lush and green
A few flowers still in bloom
Let’s enjoy the colours
Of mother natures room

A room sometimes neglected
A room sometimes abused
Let’s treasure mother nature
Not let it be confused

Confused by human beings
Who are really not aware
Of their wonderful surroundings
And really do not care

Cherish mother nature
Listen to the pleas
Of disappearing butterflies
Birds and lonely bees

Listen to the wind
Capture the sound
Because there will just be silence
When there is barren ground!

Trish – 2000-2001



Tears more tears
Years more years
I could drown in
All my fears

The sea of dreams
The lake of tears
The river of life
Takes years and years

Years to meander to its end
And on its way

Trish  – October 2000

Many poems were written by me during this period in my life – some will appear later I expect but some are far too lengthy!  After this time I divorced my second husband.  Unfortunately, as referred to in my first blog, alcohol played a part in this separation.  One day I might just be able to publish my book about my stay at Spelthorne St Mary in Hertfordshire – (‘The Adverse Effects of Alcohol’).  It may be that I am just not cut out to be in a relationship.  I still support my sons as much as possible but need to find my way in life now.  My middle son has learning difficulties and we have had many adventures moving around Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Norfolk!  Hopefully, we are both settled now and he has more support from other services.



A treasured memory of years gone by.

Oh, those days, with no responsibility, care-free, lovely days out to the seaside!  We had some great days out then.  Now that I live in Norwich it is great to go to Thorpe and always look for the seat that mum sat on – knitting – she was always knitting and she was very good at it too.  This was also where my brothers first started fishing.


Mother sat there knitting
By the riverside
We always stopped at Thorpe
When we went out for a drive

A drive down to the seaside
It really was a treat
And Mum would sit and knit
On that wooden seat

The seat down by the river
That I now live nearby
And when I see your picture
I breathe a heavy sigh

How I wish you were still here
To see the riverside
To see your wonderful grandchildren
And your grandson’s lovely bride

You left us all too quickly
In the blink of an eye
But I still have the memories
Of all those days gone by

We’d sit upon the beach
Shelling our hard-boiled eggs
And have a flask of tea
Before we bared our legs

Tuck our dress up for a paddle
Search for cockles and for crabs
Have a ride upon a donkey
Before we packed our bags

Then home again full of cheer
And stop at Thorpe for a nice cold beer!

Trish – 2001


I came to Norwich because of my work at Norwich Union and spent many a lunch time in the old bus station café – people watching.


At the bus station café
Many people call
Just who called in today?

The lady in the corner
Looks to me
As if she is a Secretary

Keeper of secrets old and new
Who does she look like to you?

The man in the cap
“A very nice chap”
A gentleman farmer maybe?

But what do YOU think…?
That’s what he looks like to me

Then there’s the Mum
With shopping galore
Her son’s come to meet her
Now she has more

More bags to carry
One, two, three…
A ‘MUM’ that’s who she looks like to me!

There’s a little old lady
“Don’t go so quick! – Take it easy my dear
Do use your stick!”
A granny – popped in for a cup of tea
That’s who she looks like to me!

Five girlie students
Future ‘go getters’
Out on a spree…
‘Girl Power’ groups they
Look like to me

The man at the back
In his ‘tatty’ rain Mac
Worked all his life
For his children and wife

Home every night
In time for tea…
A worker he looks like to me!

Two couples come in
Two old and two young
The old are quite serious
The young have some fun

The old couple worry
The young laugh, care‑free
Two couples in love they look like to me!

Then there’s the bloke
In his smart dark grey suit
An up and coming ‘exec’
Or on a sales recruit

He looks at his papers
Orders a roll and some tea
An ‘entrepreneur’ he looks like to me

I look at the pictures
I could sit and watch people
For hours and hours
Imagine their lives
And why they are here

Not all come for buses
That is quite clear

Some come in for a ‘fag’ and a chat
Like the worker I see
In his ‘tatty’ rain Mac

Then there’s the musicians
Who stand in the queue
Guitars in their hands
It’s clear what they do

Dark glasses hide eyes
People frightened to smile
Nobody dare say ‘how do you do?’
Nobody dare look – well would you?

And if you did – what would you see?
And what would you really think of me?

Trish – 2001




Distant Memories and Remember the 60s!

After entering my first poem – “Screaming” which was published after entering a competition for “Women’s Words” I subscribed to Poetry Now and had quite a few poems published.  I also entered the “Spotlight on Poets” – alas I was not accepted. The next few poems are from that period in my life.  I thank my granddaughter, Paula, immensely for reviving my interest – her daughter, Lola, (my great granddaughter) is a budding poet too!

Distant Memories

Now and then I must confess
I do remember that Lulu dress!
My first wages blown
On Lulu dresses of my very own

A time of happiness for me
Because of responsibility I was free
Full of love and hopes and dreams
Not worries and woes and Pension schemes!

Many regrets and errors made
Wrong roads taken in the game I played
The game of life can be so cruel
With tragedies and mistakes as fuel

A fuel that’s burned for far to long
“If you survive it makes you strong”
Maturity brings wisdom shows the error of our ways
And yes the mistakes of earlier days

From Lulu dresses to a family – sons for me – one, two, three
Then divorce – again I am free!
But the wisdom I have gained now has come to late
For I did make so many mistakes

Now there is time to reflect
And life is filled with regret
We do what we think right at the time
How I wish those dresses were still mine!

Trish – August 2001


Remember the Sixties?

The Swinging Sixties – did they swing?
Or was it all corruption and sin?
Let’s take a look and see
What I’ve stored in my memory…

Skinny rib jumpers, pin stripe suits
Hot pants and those ‘kinky’ boots!
‘Wow!’ we really looked so great
Reefer jacket on – we’ve got a date

The boy from the Co-op in his Parka coat
In the shop doorway having a smoke
Off to the fair in bell-bottom jeans
Frayed of course and buttons on seams

Off to the skating rink three times a week
The boys just swept me off my feet
Roller skating – speeding is great
(I want to be last on the chain, so I’ll wait)

Then we’d time it to let go
This ‘Fab’ don’t want to be slow
Speeding off the end of the line
We really did have a great time

Off on Saturday to the Record shop
This was everyone’s favourite spot
Outside Boots and Millers too
Boys in Green Parkas and girls in Reefers of blue

Mods and Rockers take over Flower Power
The bells of love and peace had their ‘happy hour’
Scooter boys off to the coast
Rockers on bikes with their chains did boast

Chrome on scooters – Vespas and Lambrettas
Black silk scarves and polo neck sweaters
Fur on aerials and mirrors galore
Painted side panels, seat covers and more

Big black motor bikes, studs and chains
Skin heads and rockers come to stake their claim
Fighting all over coastal towns and cities
This was the outcome – mores the pity

Banners waving ‘Ban the Bomb’
‘Eve of Destruction’ Barry McGuire’s song
Jonathan King has ‘Gone to the Moon’
And Lulu ‘Shouts’ her favourite tune

Dave Clarke Five and the Honeycombs
Up the ‘Top Twenty’ “Don’t be late home”
Every Friday Dad said this to us
And every Friday we’d miss the damn bus!

Late again ‘I’m grounded’ ‘So am I’
No more Top Twenty Club we’d cry
But of course, we went again
Oh! – It will never be the same

Evenings spent in the Coffee Bar
‘Espresso’ the frothiest by far
Ciggy machines – half a crown for ten
Gosh we will never see that again!

Sundays off to the swimming pool
A swim – Oh no don’t be a fool
This was just the ‘In crowd’s’ space
No Rockers here – they’re out of place

This was the mods favourite scene
All hanging around in Levi jeans
In the bath you had to get
Wearing jeans – yes get them wet

Then they would fit so tight
Gosh will they be dry for tonight?

Sundays in summer to the Mill Pond
Laying about in the hot sun
The Kinks are playing on the radio
This is the favourite spot you know

Jumping in the Mill Pond – fully clothed
The ‘in’ thing to do so let’s go
Mick and the Stones going strong
‘She Loves You’ the Beatles Number One!

Whatever happened to ‘Op Art?’
Ready Steady Go and our favourite chart
Well they pop up now and then
The circles coming around again

Otis Reading another favourite of mine
Soul was great around that time
Some favourite songs now get the chop
When I hear a remix, I want it to stop

Originals for me are the best
Do you remember those stringy vests?
Memories – well what a store
And of course, there are many more

Nostalgia – a trip down memory lane
No – things will never be the same
Maturity now – time to relax
And enjoy the memories as we look back.

 Trish – October 2001


My dear friend Nigel will recall this one!  I did not know Nigel then but we met at one of his gigs later on – a very talented musician!  I was a regular on a Saturday night at Arkwright’s and sometimes on a Friday.  I loved to dance the night away with my friend Jean, who unfortunately died suddenly which was a great shock.  Jean and her husband used to pick me up every Saturday night – they were great friends to have and we always had a smashing time.  Sadly Arkwright’s has now closed and for the last four years I have been unable to ‘dance the night away’…


Arkwright’s every Saturday
It’s the place to be
Arkwright’s on a Friday too
Who’s on – let’s see………

Is it TJ is it Step Back
Oh who can it be?
Is it Pat James, is it Clive Paul
Or is it Alan Ley???

A host of 60s music
To entertain all night long
Dancing to great sounds
Or just have a sing along

Jean is always there
And David too
With a smile and friendly greeting
Waiting to serve you

Regulars have their ‘special seats’
It’s traditional you know
And if you do not like it
You know where you can go!!!

And if it is your birthday
A buffet can be done
At Arkwright’s you are guaranteed
A night of music, or for dancing,
Or just fun, fun, fun!!!!!!

 Trish – 10 March 2005


VERSE 7 – The Dating Game!

Never did find my ‘soul mate’ – too busy with other events in my life!

Yes, I tried ‘internet dating’ and ‘text dating’ to no avail!  Text dating brought some strange requests to say the least!  I don’t look anymore I am happy in my own skin, with my own company.  Yes, there are times that I feel lonely but for the most part I feel content and happy where I am now living.  After so many moves in my life and some horrendous abodes – this home is the best!

He likes eating out
He likes eating in
And his perfect date
Has got to be slim! 

Text me soon – I’m oh so keen
GSOH, own house and car
WLTM ‘like minded female
We can go so far 

Nice beach walks
A bottle of wine
Love my dog
And you’ll be mine! 

He calls every day
He just cannot wait
Perhaps I’ve found
My perfect date! 

Wonder what he looks like
Will he like me?
One more day
Then we shall see! 

“What are you wearing?”
“I’m all in black what about you?
‘I’m not hard to miss I’m 6’ 2”’

We meet – not quite
What I expect
But give it a chance
It’s early yet 

We have a drink
And chat for a while
Well he’s not too bad
He’s got a nice smile!

Well that wasn’t quite so bad
Yet another date I’ve had
Now we shall see
If my date did like me! 

Home again
I’ll send a text
“Thank you
When can we meet next?” 

But what’s this
Phone switched off!
Well that really tops the lot
From text and calls every day

Now he’s not a thing to say!
Never again! Never again!
But the search goes on
“Your matches include

Trevor, Martin and John”
Yes and there is a message for me
“Hi I’m single are you free?”
So off we go – text every day

Until we meet – what more can I say!

Trish – August 2004

VERSE 6 – A Year in the Life of Trish!

My health is on a downward slope
At times I think I will give up hope
The doctor – well he does despair
I ring “Not you again!” Now who will care?

Six months of sinus problems – an allergy?
No sleep – I really felt a wreck and all were ‘sick’ of me!
Finally, that sorted – at last “I’m on the mend”
But then a few weeks later – “What’s this – I cannot bend!”

Yes – my old faithful – back pain!
Now I have a trapped nerve – so I am ‘sick’ again!
The doctor didn’t want to know
“You’ve got some painkillers – so off you go!”

 Well I felt so dejected “Now what can I do?
I will speak to Jane – she will have a clue”
Yes, she had the answer “An osteopath for you”
So off I went with such hope that I would feel brand new!

Alas it just was not to be – he prodded, and he poked
“Can I do the marathon?” Ironically, I joked!
But it is no laughing matter – I’m still lying here
And when I will be better really isn’t clear

I need a brand-new body – that is very plain
I must have been paralytic the night the aliens came!
I’m sure that is what happened thy stole my very soul
And now my healthy body is in a big black hole!

A ‘Change of Life’ is needed if I am to save my heart
But to be quite honest – I just don’t know where to start
I tried to give up smoking and lasted a month or two
But got so damned depressed that in the towel I threw!

I cut out ‘pints of lager’ on my weekly jaunt
But to my dismay I grew a bigger paunch!
So, I took a leaf out of Heidi’s book – she’s really has done well
So maybe I can do it too – only time will tell

Alas, it just is not to be!
I really don’t know what is wrong with me!
The trips cost me a tenner (I only went the twice!)
Because I put on TWO MORE POUNDS and that’s not very nice!

I don’t know what the answer is…depression is setting in
And to my dismay the future seems quite grim!
I’ve failed on every single count … But wait …Just maybe
I need a ‘Personal Trainer’ to work with only me!

Yes, now I have now gone quite insane – it’s driven me to this
I’ll just go and get some chocolate and a nice big bag of crisps!

Trish – April 2005

I have had several health problems for many years.  Finally, a year or so after these verses were written I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea along with insomnia and was only getting about 2 hours sleep a night.  Whilst being tested for sleep apnoea it was also discovered that I had Type 2 Diabetes – it has taken many years to get this at an acceptable level – a daily struggle.  I have more serious back problems now with a herniated disc and stenosis of the spine.  Allergies still haunt me but manageable.



When I was young I would play
Out in the street every day
Then “In you come” mum would say

Nowadays it’s not the same
Now it’s all computer games
And no one knows their neighbours name!

No these times will not return
But from it we should lessons learn
As loneliness and fear does burn

Fear and danger in these times
Oh so many vicious crimes
Rapists, thieves, and murderous minds!

 Well you say what is the solution
Will there be a revolution?
Or will there be more confusion!

Alas I do not have a clue
Is there a chance for me and for you
To alter time and change the view?

Written in March 2002