Sad times/happy times through the summer of 2018!


Well, it has certainly been a long hot, hot summer!  Many memories of 1976 when my youngest son was born.  What a happy birth that was and I am so proud of him!  I am proud of my other son, who has learning difficulties too but he and my eldest son do have a lot of struggles in life.  However, my youngest son was my ‘rock’ for many years!

Now, at last, I am losing weight! Yes and decreased my insulin for Type 2 Diabetes which is amazing.  I can’t quite believe it myself and just hope it continues as my mobility is now improving slowly too!  Hopefully, the colder weather will not exacerbate it!!

The summer has been a stressful time for our family as my youngest son and his wife have separated.  They have three children and for the most part have managed things amicably (not without it’s heartbreak of course).  Also with interference from ‘stir-mongers’ has taken its toll!  Why people have to get so spiteful I do not know.  I can only think it is because they do not have a life of their own to deal with or their life is so dull they have to spice it up by being totally hurtful to others!

My journey and that of my sons has not been easy or without its struggles and I have always felt bad about my breakdown and losing care and control of my boys.  It surely has affected their lives but for the most part we have survived.  It did affect them all but it affected my eldest son, in the worst possible way and alcohol has taken over his life.


I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried
Obstacles faced and I tried and I tried
There are no rules
There is no plan

We just have to do the best that we can!

Choices are made – they may not have been right
But I fought on with all of my might
The battle goes on but at journey’s end
Nothing can be done my friend

Be kind to others but look after yourself
For all will be lost without your health!
I neglected myself for so many years
Thinking of others and shedding more tears

At times I was selfish of that there’s no doubt
But I went out of my way to give others help
I often went that extra mile
So maybe that deserves a smile

Paul, Philip and David you were my life
I was a mother but failed as a wife!
Maybe it could have been different
We will never know

But I do try not to let my sorrow show
I am so sorry for the heartache and pain
That always and ever in my heart remain!

The years I lost without you all have been such a curse
I try and tell myself “it could’ve been worse”
But that does not diminish the pain I feel inside
There have been many days I have just wanted to hide

I wrote that several years ago and now at last, I have the chance to make it up to my youngest son by helping with my lovely grandchildren, who are a credit to their parents.  He always says he doesn’t blame me but we all missed so many years together.


On a lighter note – Arkwright’s Club has opened again!  Albeit only at weekends but with groups on every Saturday night, I hope I can get my social life back on track!   The opening night was  brilliant and to top it all my dear friend, Nigel, was playing lead guitar that night with Kenny and the Motives.  It was great to see him again!  I have only been a couple of times so far but with a holiday planned for a ‘musical break’ with my brother I am gearing up for a lovely break that I have not had for 13 years!

There was a time at Arkwright’s when we had a group of Rock ‘n Rollers every Saturday night.  They are no longer on the scene but it was a happy time!


Steve and Angie
Butch and Lynne
When they are around
Let the fun begin!!

They’re the ones
Who Rock n’ Roll
Dancing the night away
With heart and soul

Everybody knows them
And loves the way they dress
The girls look really gorgeous
And the boys ‘dress to impress’!!

They are really nifty movers
The girls spin round and round
And when Butch gets a going
His feet don’t touch the ground!

Every Saturday night is special
But we love it even more
When the Rock n’ Rollers
‘Get down’ on that floor!!

As long as us ‘freestylers’
Still do get the chance
To get up on the floor
And do our kind of dance!!

 We rock along together
It’s fun for one and all
So, come on everybody
Let’s ‘just have a ball!!’

(written circa 2004)

Well, the journey certainly continues with its ups’ and downs’ but there have been some good changes too and that’s what I must focus on now…onward and upwards!




Author: trishel66

Retired audio typist/secretary. I have three grown up sons, five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Finally trying to find myself - who am I - what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Several health issues but I keep telling myself "it could be worse!" I have come a long way in my life - the journey is not over - yet!

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