A step back in time.


When I left school, aged 15 (over 50 years ago), I became a typist for the National Institute of Agricultural Botany in Cambridge and attended evening classes to improve my ‘touch typing’ skills.  From there I moved on to the Prudential Assurance Company and then went on to have my family.  I took on various roles whilst bringing up my children from cleaning to homeworking (making printed circuit boards, switches, wiring) to working in a greengrocer’s store and then, when my youngest was two years old, I began working for the Institute of Education transcribing interviews for a school Accountability Project which was very interesting.  I stayed there for several years until my ‘breakdown’ and the very harrowing break up of my 14-year marriage when a great deal of trauma was to ensue.  I was admitted to Fulbourn Hospital in Cambridge, where I stayed for about 14 months and no one thought I would recover but thankfully for my children, I did!

Unfortunately, more trauma followed when I became addicted to alcohol.  I was lost without my boys as care and control had gone to their father and he  now had a new partner.  I was devastated and did not cope at all well.  That was when alcohol played its part and in 1986 I was admitted to a rehabilitation centre in Hertfordshire.   In 1987 we had a visit from Spelthorne St Mary’s Patron, Princess Diana, which was just before I left to start a new life.  I had the privilege to sit with Princess Diana along with two of the Sisters and have a short chat.  It was a very exciting day and everyone was thrilled to meet her.

It was felt that it would be best for me to move away from Cambridge so I stayed with my mother and step-father in Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk until I acquired a mobile home in Cobolm, Gt. Yarmouth.  I then met my second husband at a club for divorced and separated people.  Not long after we were married two of my boys came to live with us.  My eldest son now had a new family and partner and did not come back to live with me. Further trauma was in store for him and for me!  After losing my mum and a brother in 1995 I was very distressed.  However, the marriage continued until we had moved to Norwich when in 2001 the marriage ended more amicably this time and the main cause was that I had started drinking again.  So, alcohol had a part to play in that break-up.  I remember 9/11/2001 vividly.  It was the day I was on the telephone, arranging to leave my husband, when the news broke that planes had crashed in the World Trade Centre’s twin towers in New York.

On a lighter note for 20 years (or more) I worked for agencies as a temp.  My work finally brought me to Norwich and I have been happy here ever since.  One of my roles was for a restaurant dealing with menus on their website which was great but placing orders for tea, coffee, snacks/meals etc, I am afraid, was not my forte!


Oh dear! What a disaster
More problems you won’t find
Than those that were encountered
When Trish met Nelson Hind!

She started off so brilliantly
She seemed to have such flare
And even had the privilege
To use the bosses chair

She helped out on his laptop
(Now that’s a sight to see!)
And when it came to break time
She got biscuits with her tea

She impressed them with her typing
Her special menus were ‘Supreme’
But when it came to taking orders
She made them want to scream!

She had a lot of work to do
And tried her very best
But the day she missed another order
Really put them to the test!

The orders were a trial for her
And she was in the ‘Soup’
Marie had by now had enough
Trish no longer in the troupe!

No longer part of Nelson Hind
She was a lonely ‘Sole’
She was well and truly ‘battered’
And really in a hole!

She pondered on her plight
But she knew she’d had her ‘chips’
And so the only thing for her
Was to tell them that she quit

She thought of pleading with them
But knew that would be in vane
And after all the problems
They would know she was insane!

So there was nothing left
But to eat ‘humble pie’
Admit it was too much for her
And hold her head up high

Trish June 2001


I then moved on to temp for a further few years but the following verses were whilst I was still working for the restaurant the following incident occurred:

A Day in The Life of Brian

Brian sits at his PC
In the opposite corner to me
Marie and Mark, Liz and Tim
Sat quietly working – then – “what’s that din!?”

An explosive sound from Brian’s Corner
Marie quite shocked
No time to warn her!
Our Brian is in quite a mess

He’s lost his ‘Innocence’
All over the desk!
We never realised it was so hot
And Brian was in a state of shock

But what the others couldn’t see
Was the sticky mess on Brian’s PC
He wiped as much off as he could
But it wasn’t doing any good

He had to get out of this place
And grabbed an empty sandwich case
The bubbling mass he placed inside
And waited for it to subside

Now if you want to avoid the same fate
Don’t let your YOGHURTS GO OUT OF DATE!!!!
(Use before April 2001)

Trish June 2001



Author: trishel66

Retired audio typist/secretary. I have three grown up sons, five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Finally trying to find myself - who am I - what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Several health issues but I keep telling myself "it could be worse!" I have come a long way in my life - the journey is not over - yet!

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