The featured picture is my lovely Mum. Anniversary of the death of my mother and also losing one of my brothers.


The saddest year in my life was 1995 with the loss so suddenly of my mother on March 10th and in December the same year, just after Christmas, my brother left us also.  He could not bear to be without our dear Mum.  The first four verses were written some years ago.  I have added a few more today.

All Alone!

I’m feeling sad
And quite alone
Will I ever have
A happy home?

I’ve made my decision
The time has come
Oh how I wish
I still had my mum!

A mother so wise
And the truest of friends
It is so cruel
That her life had to end

It ended so quickly
In a blink she was gone
Without her I find
It so hard to be strong

But life goes on
A trial a test
I really must try
To do my best

Make the best of a bad thing
This is the way
For new life to begin
A brand-new day…

It’s 23 years since you left us Mum
The saddest day ever
Then on went your son
My brother – no never!

But alas he did go
He had to depart
Because when you left us
It had broken his heart

Time doesn’t totally heal but the pain eases.  However, always at low points in my life the pain returns.  I wonder how things would have been had I still got my mum and my brother.  Mum was always there for all of us and made so many sacrifices as most mums do.  She cared for so many people as well as her family – she was a warden in a sheltered housing complex for her last few years.  She died so quickly after her retirement and it is so very sad that she never had the full and happy retirement which she so deserved.


Author: trishel66

Retired audio typist/secretary. I have three grown up sons, five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Finally trying to find myself - who am I - what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Several health issues but I keep telling myself "it could be worse!" I have come a long way in my life - the journey is not over - yet!

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