My battle with weight and now mobility as well!


Many years ago I took part in the Cambridge Grass Track Car Racing with my first husband and my two brothers.  The photograph shows me at the last time I was slimmer and healthier the next 30 years have taken their toll on me.  After having a nervous breakdown on the breakup of my first marriage and weighing just 6 stone on my return to ‘‘reality” from 14 months in hospital, my weight ballooned and I am now 16 stone!  There has been a lot of trauma in my life and unfortunately, I have let myself ‘go’!!

I have just completed my first session of hydrotherapy and feel like I have run a marathon!  It was very good and I look forward to the next session.  However, I now realise that I was ‘overdoing it’ on my trips to Riverside Leisure Centre for swimming.  I was going for an hour at a time and did far more than we did at the hydro pool today!

I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years now.  I used to be very active attending keep fit, dancing regularly every Saturday night and in the earlier years lots of ‘Disco Dancing’, swimming and badminton.  Alas, everything and slowed right down and I have come to a standstill having a Stenosis Disc in my spine and joint problems plus the nerve damage to my feet caused by Diabetes and muscle pain.  I pushed through the pain for years and when I visited a Chiropractor (not for the first time!) she told me I should have seen her 10 years ago!!  It is going to be tough but I am hoping I can get back to doing at least some of the activities of previous years!

The following verses are again from 2001 when once again I tried to lose weight:


 Decided at last to find a new me
So off to Weight Watchers I went with glee
Many people with the same idea
Resolutions they’ve made for the new year

All us roly-polies have just one quest
To lose all that fat and look our best
We’ve tried it with friends and tried it alone
Only to find we’ve put on one more stone!

But we mean it this time, we will succeed
If all the advice we do heed
I’ve purchased a magazine and some scales
And listened to some winners tales

“Oh yes, it’s easy once you start,
And so much better for your heart!
You’ll find that you won’t feel so sleepy
The first stone you lose will be easy!”

Huh! Who are you kidding my friend
I’ve been going round the bend
Tried and tried – haven’t lost an ounce
The scales keep going up when on them I bounce!

Cup ‘a soup, Ryvita and low-fat spread
Oh I’m going off my head
On the scale I jump
Oh no! I am a larger lump!

Well this is no solution
So Weight Watchers – my New Year resolution
I mean it this time, I will win
I’m also going to the gym

We all jump up when the music begins
Warm up exercises (I could do with a gin!)
There – now I’ve let that slip
“Come on ladies jump and skip”

Well this isn’t too bad yet
But it will get worse I do suspect
“Stretch those arms – straighten those legs”
(Oh I think I need my bed!)

The perspiration begins to flow
But I’ll not let my tiredness show
My legs are aching – I start to frown
“Oh I’ll be glad when we sit down”

“Down on the floor now, ladies please”
Down I go with such ease
But getting up won’t be the same
That can be quite a strain

“Lay down now – get those backs to the floor”
Oh I don’t think I can take any more
“Raise those legs – walk in the air”
What a sight – but who cares

“Now let your legs down slowly”
Careful now – ooh her tights are holey!
She’s obviously been doing this for a while
Never mind – give her a smile

I expect mine will soon be worn in
Ah! – they’ve fallen down – “Anyone got a pin?”
Now up we get – what a strain
“Come on ladies form a chain”

Stretching and bending around the floor
“What’s the time – is there much more?”
The perspiration is getting worse
Oh, this weight is such a curse

Well thank you Weight Watchers and the Gym
I am now starving and ache in every limb!!

Well I don’t this is quite for me
I now do not feel filled with glee!
I will have to think again
This is causing too much pain!

Two of my major problems are insomnia and sleep apnea.  I am now off of the sleeping tablets I have taken for years.  Hopefully, my body will be able to regulate itself more when I increase activity and hopefully lose some weight!  Easier said than done!  However, I intend to give it a really good go this time for the sake of my family and most of all for myself to be able to enjoy life once more.  The restrictions on my mobility now are taking their toll on all aspects of my life.  The battle goes on!



Author: trishel66

Retired audio typist/secretary. I have three grown up sons, five grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Finally trying to find myself - who am I - what do I want to do for the rest of my life? Several health issues but I keep telling myself "it could be worse!" I have come a long way in my life - the journey is not over - yet!

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